Play with Me: Designing for Ludic Interactions to Support Intimate Awareness Between Siblings


In this paper, we document our research in improving relations between siblings by creating opportunities for intimate awareness despite living far apart, through collaborative, ludic interactions. Ludic interactions combine elements of game play, simulation, and narrative and tend to create an immersive experience for the user. The combination of these elements leads to a sense of playfulness in these interactions. Playfulness and informal communication emerged as important themes from our experience sampling study, leading us to focus on designing in the ludic space. We explore ways to connect siblings and provide shared context without increasing time commitment, with the goal of enabling siblings to relate in ways that are informal and pleasurable.
Designing interactions that support communication and intimate awareness among siblings extends current research on computer-mediated awareness and intimacy, while also contributing to the growing body of research on ludic technologies and interaction. Ludic interactions are especially suited for sibling relationships because they can create shared context and emotional history without significantly increasing the time demands of communication and awareness.